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Yellowfin tuna belly in olive oil

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The belly is the most valuable part of yellowfin tuna and is obtained from the fatter part of the animal, the one that surrounds the abdominal cavity: the muscle bundles are, in fact, rich in fat that make the meat softer and tastier.


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The yellowfin tuna is a fish very famous for the quality of its meat.

During the spring it reaches the Mediterranean migrating from the northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean (this is called the "race tuna" or "forward" that will then become "tuna back" when he returns to the seas of the north.

From April to June in San Peter island, a small island in Sardinia, is renewed every year the ritual of "mattanza" that is, the capture of running tuna.

The "tuna race" is one of the main ingredients of local culture and is the protagonist in many recipes of the tradition of Carloforte (the main city in San Peter island).

Ingredients: belly of yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), olive oil, salt.

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