Bottarga (Batarekh) Premium Mullet roe

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Discover the exquisite Bottarga di Muggine produced in Sardinia: a culinary treasure beloved worldwide. This delicacy is derived from the dried roe of the grey mullet fish, expertly prepared following ancient traditions. Sardinia's Bottarga di Muggine offers an intense and salty flavor with delicate hints of the sea.

Perfect as a pasta condiment or as an ingredient for creating gourmet dishes, this bottarga is a true symbol of Sardinian cuisine. Purchase now and delight your palate with the extraordinary Bottarga di Muggine produced in Sardinia.


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The whole, smoked mullet roe is obtained by salting the Mugil cephalus eggs exclusively with sea salt of Sardinia; then dried and placed in vacuum packages to ensure product quality, keeping intact all the precious characteristics that have made the success of this delicious product.

Belonging to the category of products with a high protein value and rich in Omega 3, the roe has an amber colour and a strong yet delicate taste.

Elegant and versatile, cut into thin slices it goes well with fresh vegetables for delicious salads.

Amazing grated on hot toast with butter or on pasta dishes.

Ingredients: mullet egg, salt.

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