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Eucalyptus honey

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Monofloral honey

Eucalyptus Honey presents amber color, almost gray and is compact.


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The taste is strong, intense and especially balsamic.

Someone describes associating the taste of mushrooms, wood and curry, or that of liquorice candies.

Eucalyptus honey is a food that helps keep your body in a state of well being. In fact, these substances reduce the free radicals that slow down cellular aging.

The taste is not too sweet and the acidity is moderate.

Eucalyptus Honey: it represents almost 50% of the total island honey production. Eucalyptus tree is an Australian native plant, that was widely planted in Sardinia for reforestation and to create windbreak hedges. Monofloral honey with a characteristic intense smell, and a distinctive aromatic taste; it has balsamic and curative properties useful against bronchitis, hoarseness, and colds; it is a respiratory tract antiseptic, and it alleviates sore throat and cough.

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