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Arbutus Honey 250 gr

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The very rare arbutus honey is among the most famous Sardinian honeys.


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It has a very intense amber color, but changes into light brown when it crystallizes, becoming a very fine and soft paste.

Its aroma is unique and quite hard to describe; it can remind of ground coffee, or give hints of vaguely prickly ivy leaves.

The first taste is slightly bitter and intense as the sugar is covered by its unique taste and fades into the background. Arbutus honey has therefore a very different taste to any other type of honey.

Courted by top chefs,

it is perfect for high-standard, complex processing or as an accompaniment to spicy cheese such as seasoned pecorino, ricotta cheese, or on ice cream.

Ingredients: multiflora honey with a prevalence of Arbutus nectar. No added sugar.

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