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Fresh spiny Artichoke

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The spiny artichoke is a medium-sized plant with many green leaves.


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The flower head is conical, elongated and compact; the outer bracts are green with bluish-purple shades, large and elongated and pointed shape, ending with a yellow plug; those inside are pale yellow with violet veins.

The spiny artichoke has an incredible variety of positive effects on human health because it is rich in vitamin A, C, PP, B2, minerals and potassium, calcium, sodium and iron.

Also a good inulin content, fiber and phenolic compounds, which give this product a toning and detoxifying. Its use helps to fortify heart, purify the blood and to promote diuresis; are also increasingly anticancer functions known and appreciated guaranteed by the high level of natural antioxidants that block the action of free radicals.

It is a good support for people with hepatic problems, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and helps solve constipation problems due to its fiber content.

In the kitchen, being a very versatile plant can be used for appetizers, main courses, fillings and desserts; you can also eat both raw and cooked, retaining the flavor and health properties.

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