Is Mellus is a meaningful name. Chosen with care, it has become a real philosophy, closely linked to Sardinia and able to offer unique experiences to its customers every day. To the agri-food and beverage sectors linked to the Sardinian Land, Is Mellus combines artisan products and jewelry, stories of culture with deep roots, in which ceramics, glass, wood, jewelry, books intermingle.

Is Mellus: a story build by people to people

Is Mellus is a story made up of people, and the best selections; the lowest common denominator is the indissoluble bond with the Sardinian Territory. To these origins, Is Mellus connects constant innovation.

Is Mellus guarantees excellent products, selected with high-quality standards, born from fine raw materials and skilled craftsmanship. Anyone who chooses an Is Mellus product has the opportunity to live a journey into the territory and ancestral traditions of Sardinia and to enjoy an all-round experience before, during, and after the purchase of the product.

Humanity and closeness to the customer are at the heart of this continuous circular journey, which departs from Sardinia and then returns with its flavors, aromas, textures, colors.

Why choose us

  • Is Mellus brings Sardinia to your home, wherever you are.
  • It allows you to buy sought-after and quality products, even kilometers away from Sardinia.
  • It guarantees attention to detail and consumer's needs.
  • It respects the seasonality of the products.
  • It is a safe and reliable reality: it has been selecting the best
  • Sardinian products for its consumers for years.

Shops and franchising

The mission is to make known and appreciated the Sardinian product in the world. For this reason, for years, Is Mellus has taken on an international role and has expanded its borders.

It currently has stores in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Osaka (Japan), as well as in Italy (Cagliari).

The Company wishes to promote the quality of typical Sardinian products; therefore, it offers the opportunity of setting up physical stores and e-commerce in franchising.

In doing so, Is Mellus ensures its affiliates a solid link with the best Sardinian companies and a 100% Made in Sardinia production and guarantees the final customer the highest quality of the products.

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