The Sardinian Pecorino

The Sardinian Pecorino, one of the oldest cheeses in Sardinia, has a history that comes from afar.

Each taste of it releases an intense and sincere aroma in the mouth.

The Nuragic population of the Island was already dedicated to the breeding of sheep; Over time, the processing techniques of Pecorino Sardo have been handed down and refined, and the production methods have been perfected, maintaining the authenticity and indisputable quality of the product.

What is the secret that makes a truly Sardinian Pecorino?

The Sardinian sheep. A rustic breed, which over the centuries has benefited from a natural environment with varied and rich vegetation, a significant food source for the sheep raised on the island.

The Sardinian Sheep's indomitable nature has always allowed it to live in open spaces and offer milk of the highest quality for processing an excellent product such as Pecorino Maturo DOP.

Find it out on our site and start the tasting: Fiore sardo.

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