Sardinian honey is unique

Sardinian honey is unique, a precious and rare food, born from the bees' work in a favorable territory; it has essential properties, and it isn't a simple sweetener.

The wide variety of Sardinia's vegetation offers different kinds of honey, one of which is wildflower honey. Its shades range from straw yellow to brown, and its aromas and tastes are different every year.

The peculiarity of this honey, well-known and appreciated, is the place of production, which can change between mountain, hill, and plain. For this reason, the wildflower honey could have different characteristics and could have uniqueness for smell and taste.

Wildflower honey is full of antioxidants and minerals, and it's often used against the cough. It has antibacterial properties, and it counteracts seasonal allergies. It is an important  energy source, and it can improve the appearance of skin and hair. 

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