100% Made in Sardinia

Each Is Mellus product is 100% Made in Sardinia, the epicentre of colours and flavours capable of making you fall in love every day.

Imagine an island, bathed by crystal clear water, with the sea breeze that caresses the coast and goes into the hinterland, rich in vegetation. The Sardinian territory is just that: a treasure chest that collects everything you could wish for. Sea and mountains, 2.000 km of coastline, hills and plateaus, even a natural lake. A large number of native plant and animal species coexist in this environment, unique in the world.

The days are marked by the rhythm of the waves and the wind, reserve sunbaths, which warm people and the result of their work.

Sardinia is an island that is much more than an island. It’s an extraordinary place that enjoys an optimal position in the centre of the Mediterranean; blessed by a favourable climate, it's rich in flora and fauna and is where natural and genuine products are born.

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