Do you know that Sardinian is a language?

That's right: the Sardinian language was born from Latin evolution, imported to the  Island since the III century b.C. Centuries later, written documents testify to internal variants.

Recipe: Swordfish and wildflower honey

Difficult | Easy 

Time | 30 minutes

A healthy and light meal, ready in only 30 minutes, simple to make and balanced in its flavours.

Sardinian honey is unique

There is wildflower honey, and then there is Sardinian wildflower honey: the difference is in the places in which this honey is produced.

Which types of honey do you know?

We select from the beekeeping farm L'apesarda different types of honey. The production of this beekeeping farm was born in 1969, thanks to Maria Aresu's intense passion for the bees, a passion inherited from her dad.

Is Mellus: a story built by people to people

The story of a company starts from its values, and Is Mellus was born from the desire to make known in the world the best of Sardinia, through tastes, colours, traditions. Every day, we are committed to providing high-quality products to deliver authentic and  genuine flavours to your home.

The real Sardinian bottarga

How is the bottarga made?

The real Sardinian bottarga, quality-controlled, is entirely made in Sardinia, starting from an excellent raw material that belongs to our sea.

Amber seafood powder that smells of Sardinia and sea

We are talking about the bottarga, an excellent fish product with a strong and intense taste.

The Blue Zones of the world

Have you ever heard about the Blue Zones of the world? 

They are only 5 and have in common a high number of hundred-year-old people.

The story of carasau bread

Often the products in appearance are simpler, born from a complex manual working process. This is the story of carasau bread, perfect to accompany salty and sweet dishes.

Recipe: Lasagne with carasau bread

Difficulty | Medium

Time | 45 minutes

Lasagna is a timeless traditional dish. The variants are numerous, and the lasagna sheets are full of taste.