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Sardinian jewellery

The jewel involve traditional Sardinian clothing more than any other element, especially the female one. And it's precisely Sardinian jewellery that constitutes one of the most relevant sectors of local craftsmanship.

100% Made in Sardinia

Each Is Mellus product is 100% Made in Sardinia, the epicentre of colours and flavours capable of making you fall in love every day.

Recipe: Roasted Pecorino

Today we offer you the recipe for roasted Pecorino Sardo, because very often simplicity makes the difference.

The Sardinian Pecorino

The Sardinian Pecorino, one of the oldest cheeses in Sardinia, has a history that comes from afar.

What foods do you know related to the Sardinian tradition?

Food is said to be able to tell stories and bring people together. Food speaks the language of taste, which has no borders, and typical Sardinian products are certainly no exception.

Is Mellus: a story built by people to people.

Is Mellus in the Sardinian language means the best, and is the way through we want you to meet the real Sardinia.